CAA short notice restrictions, the importance of keeping aware.

A recent news article by Newshub has highlighted the risk of not paying close attention to late notice airspace changes published in the AIP Supplement (Sup).

Newshub is reporting that recently established Restricted Areas near Mangawhai, North of Auckland, are regularly being breached by manned aircraft without appropriate permissions. This is some of our rarest endangered seabird species at risk. 

Of course ‘restricted areas’ are also off limits to drone pilots and it’s important you know how to access details about these short notice airspace restrictions not printed on Visual Navigation Charts (VNCs). 

The AIP Supplement is your primary reference for airspace changes that occur between VNC revisions.  You can find the latest supplement on the AIP web page at:

You will notice the Restricted areas in question have been added to the Airshare map.  However its important drone pilots are aware that VNCs, NOTAMs and the AIP Sup remain the primary reference for airspace information.  

If you would like to learn more about these topics, and your responsibilities as a drone pilot, check out our range of drone pilot courses at

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