Drone Trust recently taught the one and only Rebel Wilson how to fly a drone in beautiful Fiji!

Under the rules of the Civil Aviation Authority of Fiji. She said, “I had such a good time learning to fly with Drone TRUST. Salmen was a great instructor!”

We had a fantastic time teaching her. She opted for a combination of self-paced learning and in-person flight instruction. Drone Trust helped Rebel learn the rules about flying a drone, like not flying 400ft above ground level, keeping her drone in a visual line of sight and being aware of what airspace she is allowed to fly in. These rules are the same in the USA, part 107. Other rules specific to Fiji include rulings over people and flying near airports. 

When Rebel flies back to Hollywood to shoot her next blockbuster movie, she can complete the FAA TRUST course on Drone Trust and fly recreationally in the USA! But wait… If Rebel wanted to write a blog about flying a drone, even though she’s not being paid, it’s still considered a “commercial purpose”, and she must pass the Part 107 exam first. Preparing for an exam can be daunting, but Rebel knows the material on Drone Trust is world-leading and high-quality, developed and provided by aviation experts.

But what if Rebel didn’t want to do any preparation for the exam? Or even do a free YouTube course instead? Huh? If you’re confused, check out section 3 to read why you should NOT do our world-famous exam prep course.

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