About Us

About Us


DRONE TRUST provides certified drone training. It is our mission to grow an industry of safe, knowledgeable and trusted drone pilots by providing quality training. Our training courses are operated by highly accomplished aviation pilots with experience in managing aviation businesses, sharing this expertise to benefit the drone industry.

Our online training courses are flexible and can be undertaken at your own pace and when it suits you.

We provide drone training courses in a cost-effective and scalable way, so all drone pilots can learn the rules and up-skill to maximise their drone experiences and income-earning opportunities.

If you need an in-person flight examination (i.e. not in the USA) or in-person flight training, or even a virtual-coaching session, our expert staff are all highly experienced drone pilots. Many are also highly qualified pilots of conventional aircraft. They incorporate the disciplines required of manned aviation into the drone world. In addition to testing, our examiners often provide instructing services to train novice drone pilots in the skills of flying a drone. You can trust in Drone TRUST to help you become a proficient and trusted pilot too.

Meet Our Team

Steve - Drone Trust


Partner / Runs the show!

Steve has built a wide-ranging depth of aviation experience throughout his career, including as General Manager of Vincent Aviation and as part of a flight operations team with Air New Zealand – roles that would see him gain experience working with aviation authorities around the globe. Earlier in his career, Steve spent many an hour flying commuter aircraft. A lifelong love of flying would later lead him to pioneer organisations offering pilot licencing, flight testing, and – ultimately – UAV drone training. Just as busy on the ocean as in the air, throughout the last decade Steve has served as a duty officer for the Coastguard and in 2015 became qualified to command a rescue vessel.

Bevan - Drone Trust


Partner / Domain Expert

Bevan has extensive aviation industry experience as an airline pilot and licensed avionics engineer. He has worked in military helicopter maintenance, built aircraft for Boeing, worked as a manned aircraft flying instructor, search and rescue and air ambulance pilot, commercial drone operator and flight examiner. Bevan has extensive experience helping organisations gain their Unmanned air operators certificate. He is one of two individuals in NZ authorised to certify the construction, modification and operation of drones heavier than 15kg. He also has experience with extended and beyond visual line of sight operations.


Partner / Good Ideas man

Michael is a highly experienced and decorated military pilot in heavy jet, fast jet, transport and training aircraft. As a civil pilot he has done extensive experimental flight testing of manned and unmanned aircraft. He has run his own drone services and drone research and development business for over 5 years and is regarded as a world expert in regulatory matters pertaining to the future of aviation. He has conducted several world-firsts in aviation. His hobbies are surfing, sailing, snowboarding and tennis with the kids. He is an “armchair” web developer with a passion for improving customer experiences online.


The training and test flight was really interesting and good. I would humbly acknowledge you for being there to guide me, I really learnt alot from all the techniques showed that I was able to pass my flight test.
Thank you very much for the theory classes and activities which I found very informative and interesting. I really did enjoy the course and appreciate the knowledge that has been gained.
I really enjoyed going through it and learned a lot!
A really great course and so useful to have it online
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