Case Study – Drone Surveying

Case Study – Drone Surveying

Using Drones to survey wilding pines in the Mackenzie country


Agricultural Consulting Services Ltd is a company that has been operating in Canterbury since 1994 they offer a wide range of services to farmers including GPS mapping, Irrigation Design and testing, Feed Assessments, Soil and Water analysis and more recently Drone surveying for Mapping, Plant counts and contouring. 

Drone Training Courses undertaken and completed through Drone Trust

Terry from Agricultural Consulting Services completed the Recreational Part 101 and Professional Part 102 courses 

The benefit of Drone Pilot Certification

Terry says, they undertake drone survey flights all over the South Island, predominantly over farmland some of these farms can be within the controlled airspace around aerodromes. The courses once passed gives them the knowledge and the ability to fly within the controlled space safely 

Opportunities gained from completing the drone training courses

Completing the course has already opened up opportunities for the company.  Terry has been able to fly a stand of wilding pines in the McKenzie Country to get an accurate count of trees, this will assist in the decision-making process on how they will be removed and the likely cost of the removal. The plot was within the Pukaki Airport restricted area. When discussing the Job having the Certificates definitely put their minds at ease that they knew what Terry was doing. 

Wilding pines in the McKenzie country
Wilding Pines

A word from the pilot

“The part 102 is a good to have although our company is not 102 registered and unlikely to be to have passed the extra levels gives the confidence that I understand my role as a Drone pilot.

The course was good,  the online nature of the course was really good,  I could complete it at night after putting my son to bed, it saves where you are up to so didn’t have to do it all in one go.

All the information was there you just had to find it and the ability to go back if you got a question wrong and look at why was helpful. I personally didn’t need any support or help as the platform was user friendly and intuitive.

Bevan my instructor was great, the conditions for my test flight were far from ideal with a southerly front whipping through just as we started the exam but with some guidance and tips from Bevan I was able to get through with no problems.

Booking of the test flight was easy and contact was prompt. I would highly recommend anyone who operates a drone to sit the course it will teach you how to be a better safer Drone Pilot.”

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