What you can do as a Certified Drone Pilot

What you can do as a Certified Drone Pilot

As we have experienced over the last few years, drones have become much, much more than just an aviation hobby and there are now plenty of opportunities for people certified to fly drones professionally right here in New Zealand and overseas. A recent study by Research and Markets has shown the global drone service market is projected to grow 51.5% over the next eight years, with growing demand for full time and contract drone pilot work. If you have been considering becoming a Certified Drone Pilot, now is definitely the time to do it.

Areas of Demand for Drone Pilots

Businesses and organisations across New Zealand are now utilising drone technology for commercial applications across a range of industries due to drone accuracy and efficiency. Having a Drone Pilot Certification has helped many Kiwis secure jobs in lucrative areas where drone technology is valued and in demand. We have covered these areas below.

Aerial Surveying, Mapping and Inspection

The demand for drone services has inflated with an increased need of surveying, mapping and inspection across many different industries including real estate, planning, site-mapping and infrastructure, law enforcement and the industrial sector. Specific tasks within these industries include:

  • Quantity surveying of earthworks and landscapes
  • Land surveying and mapping
  • Thermal mapping
  • Aerial project progress tracking
  • Construction and public safety


New Zealand’s geography and agricultural demand means this sector has benefitted hugely from drone services over the past few years and continues to increase as demand rises. Because of difficult territory to navigate across large farms, drone technology is a cost-effective and efficient way for farmers to manage stock, map farms, monitor crop health and much more. Benefits of drone technology in the agricultural sector include:

  • Farm mapping and area change monitoring
  • Stock management and checks
  • Monitor crop health, grazing and disease prevention
  • Health and safety monitoring

Photography and Media

Drone systems for photography and media are becoming more popular as the demand for reliable technology surges in this area. In the past, expensive helicopters would need to be used where drones can how easily get the same results. There is a range of sectors taking advantage of drone technology that include:

  • Real estate photography and videography
  • Film and television photography and videography
  • Sports and event photography and videography

Other Areas of Interest

There are many areas of work you can do as a professional drone pilot and these are growing all the time. Besides those mentioned above, the following are also becoming popular for certified pilots seeking work:

  • Asset inspection (eg. telecoms, wind turbines, roofs and solar panels, powerlines)
  • Council assistance for 3D modelling and surveying
  • Public safety (Search and rescue, fire and emergency, police, surf rescue)
  • Insurance claims and inspections
  • Architecture, engineering and construction
  • Archaeology, geology and climate studies

If any of these areas interest you and you’d like to get industry leading training to pursue a career as a Certified Drone Pilot, view our available Training Courses today.


The training and test flight was really interesting and good. I would humbly acknowledge you for being there to guide me, I really learnt alot from all the techniques showed that I was able to pass my flight test.
Thank you very much for the theory classes and activities which I found very informative and interesting. I really did enjoy the course and appreciate the knowledge that has been gained.
I really enjoyed going through it and learned a lot!
A really great course and so useful to have it online
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