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Quiz time!

Test your knowledge from this newsletter and determine if you should enrol in our Part 107 prep course!

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I have done the FAA TRUST course, but I know I can’t yet operate commercially until I have completed the Part 107 exam.

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If I pass the 107 Exam without a high-quality preparation course, I still “know my stuff” and can handle any situation while keeping within the rules.

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Part A. My boss will be very proud of me for saving the company money if I do a free YouTube course instead of the high-quality training here, yet I still pass the 107 Exam.

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In Part A, imagine that you selected answer (a) and passed the exam without doing the highest-quality preparation course on the market. Now you are out, working for a customer, doing a simple real-estate photography job. The client asks you whether you can fly over the neighbour’s property to get a better shot of the house. You seem to recall something about there being a rule for that. The reality of your lack of knowledge sinks in, and you say to the client, “I’m sorry, I don’t know.” You feel:

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