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sUAS P107 Short Course 4 – Weather


In this short course you will learn everything you need to know about aviation weather reports and forecasts. This is course 4 in a series of 5 short courses that cover individual sections of the Part 107 sUAS knowledge proficiency test syllabus. By splitting the full syllabus into 5 short courses, you can spread the cost of your learning over 5 smaller payments, or just purchase the short course(s) you think you need to study.
  • Note: This is not the full P107 sUAS knowledge proficiency test prep course.  If you wish to complete the full course, you can return to the products page and either purchase all 5 short courses individually, or purchase the sUAS Part 107 Test Prep - Full Course.


If you want to fly your small Unmanned Aircraft System (sUAS) in the US for hire or reward, you must pass the P107 knowledge proficiency exam, and receive for operators certificate.

The Part 107 certification exam covers a challenging range of topics, many of which come from the manned aviation “airman” certification test.

The information required to pass the exam is spread across a variety of FAA resources.

In this short course we you will learn all of the required information relating to the aviation weather reporting and forecasting.

Completing this course successfully will prepare you to answer the test questions relating to Weather, and help you pass your Part 107 exam the first time.  Of course you will need to complete the other short courses to ensure you have all of the required knowledge to pass the test.

Check out this video for an introduction to the content included in this course.

Short Course Topics

  • Atmospheric conditions including wind, cloud and stability.
  • Air masses and frontal systems
  • Operational considerations
  • Basic weather minimums
  • Sources of weather information
  • Aviation weather reports
  • Automated weather systems
  • Weather forecasting services
  • Aviation weather forecast formats
  • Tools available for obtaining weather information
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