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 We’re excited to be bringing you industry leading training, to help you get to where you want to go with flying drones. You’ve made the right choice by visiting DroneTrust, as there is no one else available that provides such professional training for the drone industry. We know, because we are highly qualified aviators that have moved into the drone industry.

The people creating your experience are all qualified pilots- ex Air Force, ex Commercial, current Commercial. 

So you can rest assured that we have done the hard work for you in ensuring that our training content is the best you can find and it meets the expectations of the regulator.

We are also one of the only Part 141 approved training organisations that offer this training (for those new to aviation, this is a very big deal!).

By all means, we suggest checking out the competition- there are some great efforts at trying to lift up the drone industry to make it more professional, more rewarding personally and more commercially viable. However, you won’t find anyone else that has such a complete, enjoyable and affordable experience as you’ll find on Drone Trust.

One of the key tenets of the aviation industry is that you must be properly trained, then tested and qualified, then you have to make sure you keep up your knowledge (of the industry and your drones) and skills (called currency or recency). Drone Trust is your partner for your career- you can be a trusted pilot when you continue your journey with Drone Trust. And if something were to go wrong (e.g. a mistake that leads to a crash), feel free to get in contact and we can provide your verified records to the people that need them to show that you were doing the right thing and you are a trustworthy pilot.

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There are some other really exciting elements that are coming to Drone Trust. But we want to get them right before we release them- so that way your experience of top-quality products from Drone Trust continues.

Remember to jump into the forum and contribute or learn- we are going to build a community of trusted pilots that can all help each other. All the content is curated by trusted pilots, so you can rely on the information as factually correct (else it will be marked as “needs fact checking”).

You can also follow us on Facebook and Instagram and LinkedIn.

We look forward to supporting you and welcome to the club!

Steve, Mike, Bevan


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