New Airports / Heliports Published

A new AIP supplement came into effect at the end of February and it has some significant changes that drone pilots need to be aware of.

Included in the changes is the publication of several new airports and heliports.

New AIP Supplment
Figure 1: Copy of AIP Sup 4/21

By including these airports/heliports in the AIP SUPP they are now a ‘published’ airport/heliport, and are now subject to the same 4km rule requirements as other airports included on Visual Navigation Charts (VNCs). 

Airport and heliport operators are doing this to try and gain better control over drone operations in their area.  Unfortunately for the drone pilot it means there are more areas where you need to comply with the restrictions imposed by the 4km rule. 

It is becoming increasingly important that drone pilots check the AIP SUPP and NOTAMs before you fly!  If you are not familiar with how to access the AIP SUPP or NOTAMs you need to be. 

We cover both of these vital resources in our online drone training courses

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