Great News! Re-Released Part 107 Course

We’re very pleased to announce that our Part 107 course has recently been updated in preparation for the US summer!

Drone TRUST instructor supervising training

It is an exciting time in the drone industry because the perception of drones as an inconvenience or novelty has fundamentally shifted. Drones are now viewed as essential work tools for a whole range of industries.

But like any professional should, a drone is something you also must know how to operate safely and within the rules. Furthermore, your ongoing professional development is of key concern to Drone TRUST, and we’ve got you covered. Our content creatorsare all highly qualified conventional/ manned aircraft pilots from commercial aviation, the airlines and the military. You can therefore trust the information that we post as the best in the industry- as we have a lot at stake. Take a peek at our backgrounds on our About Us page.

Epic Special

We have an epic TWO-WEEKS ONLY SPECIAL on our Part 107 Training course at the moment. It will never to be repeated. This is to celebrate Top Gun 2 finally being released! So, take the next step on your journey towards become a professional- get your Commercial Drone Pilot Certificate. We show all the steps how to do this on this page.

In summer there are also some exciting new offers coming on Drone TRUST. Our aim is to take your career in the drone industry to new heights. So, join the thousands of other flyers trained through Drone TRUST that are going on to become professionals. It’s time to escape the office!!


And as a final reminder, if your drone is over 0.55lb (250g), and you want to fly it, you need to either have your Part 107 Commercial Drone Pilot’s License (follow the link above) or have passed our free course that Drone TRUST hosts on behalf of the FAA, and that course is called FAA TRUST (navigate to our Training section when you’re ready). You also must register your drone with the FAA.

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